Reading A-Z

This one is for those struggling with reading. I used reading A-Z with my students back in the days when I was a classroom teacher…feels like a long time ago now! Some things that I loved about the program were that I didn’t have to go out and purchase a bunch of new books, my students could colour the printable booklets to personalize them and they could take them home. Leveled readers are a great way to see where your child is and help them move forward. You can see their progress in the letter!

Here are a couple tips about using leveled readers (or any readers!):

1. The 5 finger rule. Every time your child struggles on a page put up one finger. If you get to 5 fingers on one page, that book is too difficult.

2. Practice, practice, practice! Your child should not be reading a book once and then tossing it out. They should read it at least 3 times before moving on (not all in a row but over a few days). Try reading once together, then three times independently over the week, then again together. Their reading of that book should have improved (smoother, less mistakes, reading quickly but not too fast, etc)

Check it out!

Jump Math

Have you ever heard of Jump Math? It is a great math program for home learners. One of the best parts about it is the FREE online teachers guide. Training as a teacher you learn to love teachers guide and for me, loving math, I love math teachers guides. They are full of exciting, fun and engaging lessons. Everything is right there for the taking. The problem for home learners is that teachers guides are usually very expensive. Well, not any more. Now it is all there for free for you! Please check it out to help you teach math and especially if your child is struggling to understand a concept!

Writing topic ideas

Hello everyone!

If you are looking for some writing topic ideas please look through my past blog posts. I will also post more here and there so please check back!

Here are a couple writing topic suggestions for back to school:

Write a letter to a relative that lives in a different town or city. Tell them about your summer. Write about three of your favorite days in the summer. Remember to think of the 5Ws: who, what, when, where, why (and how). Use as much descriptive language as you can so that your reader can get a good mental picture.

Make goals for yourself for the year. These goals might be related to school, to family, to an extracurricular activity, or something else. Don’t make too many goals. Focus on one or two. Then think about and write down three steps that you can take to make those goals a reality. Keep this writing in a safe place so you can check back and see how far you have come!

Camp writing

Imagine your ultimate camp. Think about three different things you would do there. Write about it!

Some ideas of how you could write about it are: You could write about planning the trip to go, you could write a brochure advertising your camp, you could write a letter to a friend imagining you are at the camp.

Have fun writing :)

Mother’s Day

Hello everyone,

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (this Sunday). Try writing a letter to your mom telling her how much she means to you. What is special about her, what do you appreciate about her? You could also try a poem. How about an acrostic poem? Not sure what that is, here’s an example:


M-y mother is always a person I can talk to when I’m having a bad day

O-ther things don’t keep her from me

M-ust be the best mom in the world!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you the mothers out there :)